Quick and Easy Bookends/ Easy Peasy DIY Project

 Paperbacks, paperbacks what to do with all those paperbacks!  Here's a quick and easy project  for some of your old paperback books. If like me you haven't donated them all to the Goodwill, Salvation Army or library here's another use for them. How about bookends for books!
 Here's What you'll need: Paperback books, paper clips or small stapler and patience!                                                                                                                      

Start by opening book in half .  Next you'll need to tuck the cover in along with a few pages and paperclip or staple them together.
 Next continue tucking a few pages at a time in towards inside of book. I like to alternate the pages from one direction to the other. (no particular reason, other than it seems to be easier to keep them together).  Continue this process until the entire book is done.

 Because these are not heavy at all they are really for decorative purposes .

Happy Tucking!                    
Live Life Beautifully!