What I'm Loving Right Now

Hey All! it's been a while. The past few weeks I have been working on some projects.  In doing so I have come across a few things that I'm loving right now. First off, I was so happy to see that Ralph Lauren Paints have made a return to Home Depot. I have always enjoyed using his paints. (my dining room is painted in one of  the RL metallics , I've used his suede application and the denim treatment in navy and loved it as well.

I'm also loving the new re-positional wall paper available at Target by Devine Color. The paper comes in several colors and patterns. While in Florida this past week helping a friend with a temporary rental for the winter months I thought why not use it to wallpaper her foyer, since we can't paint or use pasted wallpaper. We decided on the linen weave pattern that looks like it has metallic going thru it.
The application was very easy. Kinda reminded me of contact paper. The pattern is nice, went up very easy and looks great. A few times I had to reposition the paper but it was literally so easy. and what a transformation! what once was bare white apartment walls, were now given some depth
 and presence. I've been thinking of other ways it could be used. It's so easy you could actually cut it up to create your own design instead doing an entire wall. Here's a peek before:
 During and After:
I would really love it if we could paint the door and that vent. Maybe beef up the trim. But that's a big fat NO!

The foyer is octagonally shaped so we purchased a large rug and then used a box cutter to cut it into the perfect octagonal shape for the foyer. the light fixture is actually a shade from Ikea

that we placed over the existing lift fixture. Yes there are ways to create comfortable spaces in creative ways on a tight  budget.
On another note  I also spent some time in St. Louis  and while there was able to attend the Hot air balloon glow event isn't this just beautiful
Live A Beautiful Life!