Carefree Faux Topiary/DIY

While I love being outside when it's warm and planting and cutting fresh flowers I wouldn't exactly say I have a green thumb. To this end there are some spaces in my home and outside that require greenery but would never make it if they were real. I am a lover of topiaries, probably to a fault, but really aren't good at the real ones, hence the faux.

Here's a quick and easy way to have topiaries without all the delicate care.
You'll need 4 WIRE HANGERS, 2pks of IVY VINE. 1 large bag of green or sphagnum MOSS, some FLORAL WIRE, A NICE POT, a very small bag of PEBBLE STONES and one can of "GREAT STUFF" foam insulation  (Unfortunately I had already made mine by the time it dawned on me to take pictures and share. but hopefully this will make sense. If there's any questions leave them in the comment box and i'll answer, best I can.  Add some pebbles in the bottom of your pot to weigh it down a bit. Spray foam insulation into your pot.( remember it expands, so a little goes a long way). Allow to dry overnight.

Next you'll need to undo (straighten) the hanger, where it twist at the neck of the hanger.  The hook part of the hanger will be used as the foot to go into the foam (after it has dried). Next shape the other end of the hanger into a circle. I use the twist part of the hanger to kinda wrap around the straight part like so:
Shaped Hanger
You'll need to make 4of these, hence the 4 hangers. once you have completed, put the hangers together  and holding at stem create a circular form at the top by turning the top half of hangers (they will be inside each other to create form) secure with wire at top of circle and neck of circle also right above the feet. You'll then straighten feet just enough to insert into foam in pot.

At This point you just start twisting ivy around the hanger, until you have the look you want. use the green or sphagnum moss at base to cover foam and feet.
Not bad right?
  I'm wondering what else could be done with all those wire hangers from the cleaners got any ideas? Remember to Live Life Beautifully!!!