Nate Berkus American Dream Builders

In case you missed it last night Nate Berkus new show "American Dream Builders " premiered last night on NBC. All and all I quite enjoyed it. The show is about 12 designers who split up into two teams (The Blue Team and The Red Team) to then renovate a home.  Each team selects a site manager from their group and each week someone is eliminated. As always there's a little drama. (A lot of ego flying around). Last night the theme was "We've outgrown our house."  You can learn more about the show and contestants Here. But here's a look at the teams before and afters. Blue Team:

Red Team:

 In case you're interested the Blue team won. The Red Team's bathroom missed the mark for sure.
In case you're interested the Blue Team won . The bathroom for the red team missed the mark for sure and so the site manger was eliminated. Although I though the person that thought of redoing the cabinets and the person working on them were just as much to blame.
Next week should be fun. Live Life Beautifully!