Design Bloggers Conference 2014 in Review/Day 2

Day two of the Design Bloggers Conference was even better than Day 1! How is that possible? Well for starters Jeffery Alan Marks kicked things off as are first speaker of the morning. ( You'll remember him from Million Dollar Decorators and remember I posted about meeting him at High Point Market ) Where he talked about his new book " Jeffery Alan Marks: The Meaning of Home"
Jeffrey's new book

A quick photo with Jeffrey at High Point
The day was off to a good start, as we continued hearing from informative speakers such as Jan Bills, Founder of two women and a Hoe and Tastemaker, Interior decorator and Blogger, Paloma Contreras of La Dolce Vita (one of my favorites as well) on the Business of Blogging.
Paloma Contreras
Oh and that was just the beginning before we broke from lunch, we heard from Digital Sherpa's; Chris Vaughn, Director of Marketing on Useful Tips to Build your Business in Blogworld. What/Who is Digital Sherpa you ask? They are a content and social media marketing firm. you can learn more about them at; Ok, I know this is a lot, but it only got better after lunch with the likes of Amy Flurry who spoke about her new book "Recipe for Press". and another of my many favorites ; Timothy Corrigan, hailed in Architectural Digest as  "Today's Tastemaker"
Timothy Corrigan sorry for the blurry photo
Timothy, is a self taught designer and one of the top sought after designers in the business. He spoke of how he got started in the design world, his gorgeous chateau in Paris and his brand philosophy. Timothy was so engaging, what a life.Watch the video on his Chateau here:  The day only got better as we heard from Jeremy Parzen wine and food historian and did a little of this
Yes! we had a wine tasting. can't say that I'm any better at tasting the different notes in wine, but it sure was fun!Whew what a day! I learned so much can't wait to implement it.  I'm not done yet ! Day Three is the best of them all, so come back to hear about our final day (almost). In the mean time Live Life Beautifully!