Southern Living's 2013 Nashville Showhouse/ and a Girls Road Trip

Every year my BFF and I go on what we call our Thelma and Louise Road trip. We meet up someplace and then hit the road on our adventure, not really knowing our direction but rather just enjoying the journey. This year I flew into Cincinnati which is where she lives for the time being, caring for her elderly father while still flying all over the world. (we actually met while working as flight attendants for the same airline , we've been best buds ever since). I must admit while in Cincinnati to start our trip, I also wanted to check out the virtually designed bathroom I did for her. (more on that later in another post ) So on to the story, We both are lovers of anything that has to do with decorating and home so of course we couldn't leave Cincinnati without first visiting Homearama. This years Homearama was located in Butler County  and featured 6 homes, what fun! Afterwards we hit the road, stopping to do a little shopping along the way. We spent a day in Nashville where we visited The Southern living Idea House, which consists of the main house and then four (yes, you heard right , four ) bunkies, all of which were so cute. The Idea house was designed by the fabulous Phoebe Howard along with Ballard Designs. Of course it was absolutely gorgeous! We both took away some inspiration from each. It was certainly worth the trip.   If you don't get a chance to visit be sure to pick up the August edition of Southern Living Magazine. you can also go to southern for more pics. By the way, if you do make it to Nashville you have to stop at the Pancake Pantry for breakfast, best pancakes I've ever had. Also this is my very first post ever, still learning the ropes so for those leaving comments, please be kind. While I didn't take many pictures at homearama since I only had my iPhone and was completely exhausted by the time we got there, I did manage to take one of this great room off the kitchen
Great Room House#5
and some pictures of a faux painted wall.  still trying to figure out how they did that raindrop effect
Faux Painted wall
  On to the 2013 Southern Living Idea House in Nashville, Here's just a taste so don't forget to pick up your copy of Southern Living Magazine or go to for more info.                                                      

Until Next time! Thanks for visiting!