Good Food,Good Fun, & Good Shopping in Savannah,Ga

This past week I had the pleasure of visiting Savannah,Ga. Not my first visit as I'd been there many times before during my early flight attendant days. This time was different however  because I was staying a few days. It is still as lovely as I remember with it's beautiful architecture, and all the parks. I took a tour this time to get a little history of the city which is made up of squares and parks. The neighborhoods in town are just beautiful .

Check out the moss hanging from the trees

 Each park had a historical story and the homes were really nice as well . Some were built as far back as the 1800's.

 We made a stop to Tybee Island, probably not the best day to go with all the rain we've been having down south, but clear skies this day so we headed out, just a quick 20 minute drive .

 Afterwards we headed back to Savannah, where my next stop of course was to One Fish Two Fish

 A unique boutique in Savannah located on Whitaker St.

I first met  the owner Jennifer years ago , when she was just opening her store . It was beautiful then and even more so now.
Jennifer the owner of One Fish Two Fish 

She has expanded her store which now includes jewelry, speciality items,and of course, all things home.
Aren't these the cutest tote bags.

Her jewelry is just just beautiful
The furnishings line was just gorgeous ! especially the blue and white.

She also carries a wonderful line of pillows and lighting and all sorts of accessories for the home .

Cool Lamp
love this light fixture
The Beaded Chandy's are always nice

If you're ever in Savannah you must stop, she has some of the most beautiful things. Be sure to visit her web:

My next stop was to D. Luxe for scented candles, where the owner Tim makes the best scented candles ever. they are all named after a square in Savannah and come with a little history lesson card, not to mention the square container is just so cute! My favorite scents were New Orleans Square and Johnson Square.

Tim, the owner

Next stop: No. Four Eleven. This store specializes in monograming but has so much more.

Great sign
great lighting

There were so many more stores located here on Whitaker St. This is just a small sample of all the wonderful shopping . The best place to have lunch is also located just around the corner: Mrs. Wilkes, a homestyle set up with some of the best southern faire. You'll need to get there early and prepare to stand in line. They are only open from 11am-2pm.  Come hungry!

Remember to Live Life Beautifully!

What I'm Obsessing Over Lately

Lately I've been rethinking my guest bedroom. so I've become a little obsessed in a way with bedrooms. Here are just a few I've pinned for some inspiration.

New and Improved Bathroom/ Virtual Design

When  my friend asked me to redo her parents guest bathroom on a VERY tight budget, I of course jumped at the chance., After all it hadn't been touched since the 70's! Quite the challenge given  it measured only 8 feet in length from the tub to the door and was only a tiny bit over 6ft wide. I immediately had her take more measurements and pictures so I'd know "what I was working with". She lives out of town so we would be doing this all thru emails, and I chats. She informed me that the bathroom would be getting very little traffic but that it was in serious need of updating, I couldn't have agreed more.  Here's a few before shots:
 Mirrored walls, peeling wall paper

 So I sent her this inspiration board, along with samples of flooring, tile, hardware, light fixtures,cabinet selection, paint colors etc...
 We began "working it out". She removed the old tile,wallpaper and a few other things. (I call her Ms. Deconstruct, because she loves demo ).
The wall next to the vanity cabinet which was serving no purpose was removed and by doing so freed up 15 inches of space. (every inch counts ).

wall removed and the start  of  some new drywall.  
pocket door installation
The regular door was  replaced for a pocket door, and much needed ceiling lights were added ( small recessed lights  were used due to the low ceilings).  Remember the before shots, Well here's where we ended up.

We used a 5x8 tile for the shower along with a light grey grout,new flooring, cabinets, lighting, paint etc..
We still need to add these ring pulls to the cabinet to replace the crystal ones, along with some art work, but  she absolutely loves how it turned out.

Love these
 Remember to live life beautifully!