Nate Berkus American Dream Builders

In case you missed it last night Nate Berkus new show "American Dream Builders " premiered last night on NBC. All and all I quite enjoyed it. The show is about 12 designers who split up into two teams (The Blue Team and The Red Team) to then renovate a home.  Each team selects a site manager from their group and each week someone is eliminated. As always there's a little drama. (A lot of ego flying around). Last night the theme was "We've outgrown our house."  You can learn more about the show and contestants Here. But here's a look at the teams before and afters. Blue Team:

Red Team:

 In case you're interested the Blue team won. The Red Team's bathroom missed the mark for sure.
In case you're interested the Blue Team won . The bathroom for the red team missed the mark for sure and so the site manger was eliminated. Although I though the person that thought of redoing the cabinets and the person working on them were just as much to blame.
Next week should be fun. Live Life Beautifully!

Carefree Faux Topiary/DIY

While I love being outside when it's warm and planting and cutting fresh flowers I wouldn't exactly say I have a green thumb. To this end there are some spaces in my home and outside that require greenery but would never make it if they were real. I am a lover of topiaries, probably to a fault, but really aren't good at the real ones, hence the faux.

Here's a quick and easy way to have topiaries without all the delicate care.
You'll need 4 WIRE HANGERS, 2pks of IVY VINE. 1 large bag of green or sphagnum MOSS, some FLORAL WIRE, A NICE POT, a very small bag of PEBBLE STONES and one can of "GREAT STUFF" foam insulation  (Unfortunately I had already made mine by the time it dawned on me to take pictures and share. but hopefully this will make sense. If there's any questions leave them in the comment box and i'll answer, best I can.  Add some pebbles in the bottom of your pot to weigh it down a bit. Spray foam insulation into your pot.( remember it expands, so a little goes a long way). Allow to dry overnight.

Next you'll need to undo (straighten) the hanger, where it twist at the neck of the hanger.  The hook part of the hanger will be used as the foot to go into the foam (after it has dried). Next shape the other end of the hanger into a circle. I use the twist part of the hanger to kinda wrap around the straight part like so:
Shaped Hanger
You'll need to make 4of these, hence the 4 hangers. once you have completed, put the hangers together  and holding at stem create a circular form at the top by turning the top half of hangers (they will be inside each other to create form) secure with wire at top of circle and neck of circle also right above the feet. You'll then straighten feet just enough to insert into foam in pot.

At This point you just start twisting ivy around the hanger, until you have the look you want. use the green or sphagnum moss at base to cover foam and feet.
Not bad right?
  I'm wondering what else could be done with all those wire hangers from the cleaners got any ideas? Remember to Live Life Beautifully!!!

I've Been Nominated for a Liebster Award

My Blogger friend Arianne over at has nominated me for the Liebster Award! What is it you ask? Well basically it's a way for fellow bloggers and readers to get to know a little more about the people that write the blogs they love to read . I met Arianne at the Design Bloggers Conference 2014. I had been reading her blog for quite some time and it was so nice to put a face to the blog. Arianne is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet and her blog is one of my favorites.  She speaks of her love for design,the process of building her dream home, things that inspire her and  beautiful house tours. O.K. so back to the award . A first for me , I am so touched to have been nominated. As a nominee I am asked to answer 11 questions (from my nominator) and then create 11 of my own questions for the 11 I nominate. So let's get to it!

1. What do you love most about blogging?
I would have to say the ability for me to share with my readers all the things that inspire me and to get information out there that could possibly be of use to them. I love when I find some great thing thru a fellow blogger or I've discovered something that I can share with others, whether it's  a simple great find that allows you to create a look for less or a project that I've worked on that inspires you. 
2. Which of your previously written blog posts has been your favorite and why?  I actually have two. The first would be the bathroom redo I did thru an e design. When I first received the pictures of the space: O my! and then to see the transformation of the space and to hear the joy  from my friend when it was finished, there's nothing like it.  the second would be the easy peasy book ends that came out of needing "just a little something extra " to the bookcases and using what was already there, hence bookends from books. 
3. What’s been the biggest surprise in your blogging career? That would have to be all the people I've met thru blogging and our similar interest. It's a big world out there and so many talented people . I just love it.
4. What advice would you give to up-and-coming bloggers? Blog about what you're passionate about and just be yourself.
5. What is the one thing you HAVE to have in your purse? My card. With that everything else is attainable.
6. What’s your favorite dessert? cheesecake, any kind.
7. What’s your favorite travel destination? I was international flight attendant for a VERY long time, with that said I have been all over this world and enjoyed every bit of it, one of my favorite places was Rome,Italy, the food there is ridiculously  good!  But I would have to say that my best destinations are any place where I can be by the Ocean. My husband and our best friends took a trip to Antiqua not long ago , where we stayed at the Rosewood Resort (Jumby Bay) all I can say is it did not disappoint . 
8. Where do you love to shop for decor? Because I run an Interior Design business now, I tend to shop for my clients through my vendors, but for everyday shopping so to speak, I frequent Scotts Market which opens the 2nd weekend of every month, when I'm on the hunt,Homegoods and who can resist 
9. When did you know interior design was your passion? When I was younger lets say high school I was always painting / wallpapering my bedroom and rearranging the furniture in the house. I didn't realize it then though. It wasn't until I got to college as a fashion design & merchandising major that I realized all the electives I was choosing  were in interior design . The History of Furniture, Color Theory , Principles of Design and Decoration, Drafting. you get the picture. After college it was put on hold ,(as careers sometimes are) as I pursued flying. (Who doesn't want to see the world right?) But even while flying I was helping my F/A friends decorate there homes (for free I might add) it was the talk of the jumpseat.  I could never tear my self away from it.All I thought about,dreamed about , sketched about was interiors. It was then that I realized it was my passion..
10. Who are your biggest design inspirations? I love so many different design asethetics . With that said I would say in the beginning, early on:Charles Faudree and Betty Lou Phillips. I now am loving Candice Olsen, Suzanne Kasler and Phoebe Howard. I am a traditionalist at heart but love mixing in a little unexpected contemporary. I love Traditional Home Magazine, House and Home (Canada),Veranda, and who can go a day without Pinterest!
11. What is the one book you would recommend everyone read?The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz and the Bible. Neither have anything to do with design but both have had a tremendous impact on my life.
That was fun! Hope you enjoyed getting to know a few personal things about me.  Please take a minute to go visit my nominees!

Stylish Spaces Designed for Living Well known designer Rhonda Peterson, speaks on the things that make life Amazing, whether it be design,inspiration or words of encouragement.
Confetti Style  Follow Shelly as she takes us through an adventure of all things fashion,interior design and now and her Etsy store.
Design Indulgence Interior Designer, Sherry Hart , has a passion for textiles and design and shows us what inspires her.
Blu Label Bungalow Multi talented Erika Ward, Founder of Room Service Atlanta ,shares her love for style and a life well designed.
The Yellow Cape Cod Sarah, a professional stylist from Detroit,blogs about "design for real people" and great DIY projects.
My Design Dump  Autumn, is awesome, her blogs the dumps the dish on what inspires her, current trends,and affordable finds.
Dwell by Cheryl  Here is where Cheryl chronicles her decorating idea for a space to dwell.
Amanda Carol Interiors Amanda  interviews other designers and showcases her own well appointed design projects.
 Iron and Twine DIY diva! she's all about making old things new again.
Lori May Interiors You may remember Lori May from HGTV'S Design Wars. Her blog is where she talks about her work and the things that inspire her.
Marcus Design If you love interiors, you'll love Nancy's great eye for design.

Ok. Here's my 11 questions:

1. How do you balance life and blogging?

2. What's your favorite thing to when you're not blogging?

3. Roadtrip or airplane?

4.Favorite Food?

5. What inspires you?

6.Favorite Paint Color and why?

7.What do you like most about blogging?

8.Spa or hiking?

9.What are your best places to shop?

10.What's your favorite fun thing to do?

11. If you could have any 1 new thing right now,what would it be?

Nominees:  Be sure to tag each of the bloggers you nominate as well as me in your post.  Go to each of their blogs and leave a comment that you have nominated them.

Remember to Live Life Beautifully!!

Great Find

If any of you remember Southern Livings Idea House, then you're sure to remember the outdoor patio by Ethan Allen
  I love these chairs and spotted some at Target, 2 for $299. You can choose from an array of cushion colors too!
The tables not bad either, looks like wood but is actually metal

Live Life Beautifully!

Design Bloggers Conference 2014 in Review/Day 3 (Final Day)

Sorry this took so long for me to get this this last post out about DBC 2014. I have been busy working on a few projects to get my porch ready for the much anticipated warm weather. Although it's raining here today, soon and very soon we'll be waking up to pollen. But after the pollen comes the flowers and then the sun and heat. Yes!! Ok, so back to the conference. I'll make this quick. I must admit that each day just got better than the first.
Meeting Candice Olsen
First up meeting Candice Olsen ! Need I say more! Candice is one of North Americas  leading designers and host of HGTV's Divine Design and Candice Tells All. Candice spoke about how she approaches design and why her design works. Our afternoon Was information packed as well with great presentations given by DIY networks; Allison Victoria of "Kitchen Crashers ", Stacy Bewkes founder of Quintessence and Susanna Salk to name a few. Our day ended with an After Party  sponsored by Kravet at their showroom , where we noshed on great food and good conversation  with fellow bloggers and guest speakers. Last but not least: I was the winner of InterCeramics give away of an IPad Air, how cool was that. 
I'm a winner!
DBC 2014 far exceeded my expectations. Best of all were all the new friendships that were cultivated there. I am so looking forward to DBC 2015.

If I didn't mention before my girl, Arianne over at  Inspired to Style  did a great job of creating video's about the conference. . I met Arianne at the conference, what a pleasure . She is building her dream home and her blog is all about the process and more. Be sure to check her out. Remember to Live Life Beautifully!

Design Bloggers Conference 2014 in Review/Day 2

Day two of the Design Bloggers Conference was even better than Day 1! How is that possible? Well for starters Jeffery Alan Marks kicked things off as are first speaker of the morning. ( You'll remember him from Million Dollar Decorators and remember I posted about meeting him at High Point Market ) Where he talked about his new book " Jeffery Alan Marks: The Meaning of Home"
Jeffrey's new book

A quick photo with Jeffrey at High Point
The day was off to a good start, as we continued hearing from informative speakers such as Jan Bills, Founder of two women and a Hoe and Tastemaker, Interior decorator and Blogger, Paloma Contreras of La Dolce Vita (one of my favorites as well) on the Business of Blogging.
Paloma Contreras
Oh and that was just the beginning before we broke from lunch, we heard from Digital Sherpa's; Chris Vaughn, Director of Marketing on Useful Tips to Build your Business in Blogworld. What/Who is Digital Sherpa you ask? They are a content and social media marketing firm. you can learn more about them at; Ok, I know this is a lot, but it only got better after lunch with the likes of Amy Flurry who spoke about her new book "Recipe for Press". and another of my many favorites ; Timothy Corrigan, hailed in Architectural Digest as  "Today's Tastemaker"
Timothy Corrigan sorry for the blurry photo
Timothy, is a self taught designer and one of the top sought after designers in the business. He spoke of how he got started in the design world, his gorgeous chateau in Paris and his brand philosophy. Timothy was so engaging, what a life.Watch the video on his Chateau here:  The day only got better as we heard from Jeremy Parzen wine and food historian and did a little of this
Yes! we had a wine tasting. can't say that I'm any better at tasting the different notes in wine, but it sure was fun!Whew what a day! I learned so much can't wait to implement it.  I'm not done yet ! Day Three is the best of them all, so come back to hear about our final day (almost). In the mean time Live Life Beautifully!

Design Blogger's Conference 2014 in Review /Day 1

As all of you know I was so excited to be attending the 2014 Designer Blogger's Conference. I must say it did not disappoint ! The conference was 3 fun packed days of great speakers, events and  lots of info to help me improve my blog. (which I definitely plan on implementing in the near future). Day one started with registration, where we all received our badges that allowed us into all the seminars, events, lunch, dinner, and receptions 
Goody bags were given compliments of Sherwin Williams, which included such goodies as an Hansgohre hand held shower
                                    Complementary lunch was provided at the Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom, followed by a little trip over to Phipps Plaza, for a short presentation by one of my favorite designers; Suzanne Kasler.
Suzanne Kasler
We then headed back to the Grand Hyatt where are conference was being held for the next few days, for a welcome reception. Some of our sponsors such as Surya, Interceramic, Baker, Benjamin Moore and Fabricut just to name a few, set up beautiful exhibitor booths.Where I was fortunate enough to meet some fellow bloggers some that I follow and some that are now new friends.   

My newfound buddies Erica Ward of, and Shelly Dozier-Mckee of What a great day one. I'll be back with more. Look for day 2 . coming soon. Remember to Live Life Beautifully!

Headed to 2014 Design Bloggers Conference

Headed to Design Bloggers Conference today! I will be the first to admit that I am not the happiest with my blog design. While I do design/decorate interiors for others, designing a blog is not my fore- tae. Being new to this blog thing, I am so looking forward to this conference. Let the elbow rubbing, learning new things, hearing from the heavy hitters on design begin!