It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

 While Christmas is one of my favorite holidays, truthfully, I have just been too busy to do it justice this year. While I did manage to get the tree up, the mantle and the staircase completed, I still have much to do, but over the years I have realized that things don't have to be perfect to have a perfect Christmas.

My tree is a hodge podge of several things we have collected  over the years, ornaments my kids have made, those that have been given as gifts, and ones I have collected. We call it our memory tree because we can relate most ornaments to a memory at Christmas.   

 I love a lush mantle and tend to mix artificial garland with fresh greens so that it is both fragrant and full. I also love it to drape all the way to the floor.

With only a few days left to Christmas I'd better get back to business…..
 Hoping you have the best Christmas ever! Life Life beautifully!

Product Discovery: Overlays

Ok, so I know I've been gone awhile, but I am literally knee deep in holiday decorating, add a current project I'm working on and yes , I am guilty of being behind on my blog post. However while perusing the web the other day I came across two things both of which you may have already heard of, but I think is worth mentioning just in case you haven't . One is and the other is .  Here is just a sampling of what you can do. Basically you start off with something like this:

And end up with something like this:

Here's more inspiration.

Here the overlay's have been used on an Ikea Pax closet system. nice.

On the drawer's of a dresser.

I'm thinking why not a wall or even a ceiling! The possibilities are endless! I hope you've been inspired. remember to visit for more info on their product. Happy creating!
Live Life Beautifully!

Setting the Table for Thanksgiving Inspiration

It's getting that time again, the holidays.  First up Thanksgiving. The Thanksgiving table setting is so important. I love a warm and inviting  table-scape, a prelude to the meal thats to come. Here's some inspiration that I've pinned. Enjoy.

  Hey and a shout out to City blog, Check it out.You'll be glad you did.  Remember to Live Life Beautifully !

Taking a Short Break

I've been working on something, I think is gonna be great so stay with me while I take a short break. I'll be back in a few days , until then…..
Remember to live life beautifully!

High Point Market Part 3

Next stop Century This post won't be filled with much content, I'll let the pictures do the talking.  Enjoy!

 Cute right?

Market was impressive as always . Hope you enjoyed the picture's   Live Life beautifully !

High Point Market Part 2

Ok, so here we go. next stop ;
 And let me tell you it did not disappoint . Bernhardt always does such a great job. I especially enjoyed their color palettes this market . The entrance was styled to look like a library /study and just sorta enveloped you when you walked in. Very cozy. I sat and soaked it all in before continuing on.I have a place in my heart for plaid so I was so glad to see it making it's
comeback. The plaid chairs were a favorite for me. I love this look, it really just makes you want to snuggle up for a good read.
 The finish on this piece was very nice.

 This color was popping up in a lot of showrooms, and looking mighty nice.

Be Inspired! Live Life Beautifully!

To Market ,To Market. High Point Market 2013 Part 1

This time of year I venture off to High Point, N.C. where I meet up with a couple of my friends who are also designers. We check out what's new, look for things for our clients, meet new friends, take in a few seminars and have an all around great time . This market was just as fun so I thought I'd give you a peek inside. First, a visit to Palecek , where I met  the awesome Jeffery Alan Marks.  You may remember him from Bravo's "Million Dollar Decorator's " show. He a was there to introduce his new Palo Alto collection, which is a complement to his La Jolla Collection. All I can say is casual, refined, beautiful!  Jeffery also has a new book release out  which really showcases his breezy beach style. His book is a must have!
Jeffrey Alan Marks new collection  for Palecek

Jeffery Alan Marks and Me. Don't judge! it's a  phone pic and really bad lighting
Next stop , seeing what's new and hot . This light fixture is just gorgeous, I would love to use it in a clients space.

Check out the legs on this table

What a great piece. The tray glides across the bench,and look at the legs!

 This was just a gorgeous piece, notice how the front  curves .

 There are no words for how I feel about this chair!
Whew! and we were just getting warmed up! Stay tuned, I've got a lot more to show you.  Until next time Live Life Beautifully!

What I love about High Point Market

It's almost that time again! I love going to the High Point Home Furnishings Market. I am always so creatively energized (and physically exhausted) when I return. I love the seminars that are held to improve our business and how I am inspired by the new product which allows me to deliver on the best space possible for my clients. Of course it's always nice to meet new friends in the business as well. I am so looking forward to it once again and posting about it later. I have learned over the years (my first trip actually) that comfort is key, weather is unpredictable, but inspiration is unlimited. Here's a few pic's from markets past.

 Live Life Beautifully!

Living Life in a Beautiful Space

 We all love a beautiful space. Here's what is inspiring me today, and recently pinned to my  Pinterest Board .  Enjoy!

Hoping you've been inspired too! Live Life Beautifully!