Kitchen Envy

There's nothing like a beautiful kitchen. It's the heart of the home, where everyone gathers, where laughter is heard, food is found, stories are told and conversation is plentiful. I think kitchen's can tell a story all by themselves by the way they are decorated. For instance in my kitchen i have a sign on the mantle that say's: "sit long, talk much, laugh often". and that is exactly what often happens there. We sit long, talk much and laugh often. And while I enjoy my kitchen, the creative side of me is often looking for new ways to change things up. with that in mind here are some kitchens that have been inspiring me. I love how this island has a pull out bench; there when you need it tucked away when you don't. Enjoy!

 All thanks to Pinterest.  Remember to Live Life Beautifully!

Fun in the sun (Sunny Miami)

While this winter hasn't been the best here in Georgia, I thought it was about time I headed to someplace with sunshine. So while we were having our second winter weather storm yet again. I spent my time here in sunny Miami.

there is nothing like the sound of the ocean, the sun, and a warm breeze. I am so thankful and grateful that I was able to get away and miss the ice storm. It was was my BFF's birthday so we did all the fun stuff we love to do, like  the beach, plenty of girl talk and shopping,(Sawgrass Mill,where the shopping is great; Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Burberry,  just to name a few). To be able to just walk out to the beach everyday...wonderful. Miami Beach you're a great getaway! Thanks for the sunshine,blue skies and great weather.
Remember to live Life Beautifully!

Walls without commitment

For those living in an apartment or wanting temporary wall coverings, we all know the biggest impact comes from color so go ahead and paint an accent wall, as done here:
( just be ready to repaint it back to it's original color before you move out, If that's your rental management's request). But you can also go another route by using fabric or sheets as wall coverings.  Using nothing more than some beautiful fabric(cottons work best) or sheets.a good plumb line, fabric cutter ruler and liquid starch.
 Let me forewarn you this can be a little messy going up but once done can have a huge impact and it's easy peasy to take down. this technique does not work however in rooms where there is a lot of moisture like bathrooms, so any entry, bedroom or living space would be your best option. HGTV does a great job of explaining how to do this, click on this link :  for more details.
via HGTV
 You could also follow Sarah's lead and create some nailhead panels! she tells you how here:

via Sarah M. Dorsey
Or use some removable wallpaper that I found here to create something as beautiful as this:
via accentuwall/
Have Fun! Remember to Live Life Beautifully!