Snowed in in the ATL and thinking Spring Please!

Ok. moved here for the weather . Not so sure anymore. Mother Nature isn't showing anyone any mercy this year. You expect 15 degree weather in some places ...but here? who knew?  I sure didn't. I'm sure if you've been watching the news anywhere , we are the news. Cars stuck on the highway, bumper to bumper, kids stranded on school buses, an icy mess. So for now it's like this:

 But I can't wait to see this:

   In the mean time I'll be inspired by this  and looking forward to spring, all thanks to Pinterest!

                                  Live Life Beautifully!

Pantone's Color for 2014

It's being seen everywhere on and in everything. It is both warm and vibrant and pairs well alongside blues ,greens, yellows and most definitely with the new golds ,I spoke of in and earlier post. Pantone's color of the year; Radiant Orchid, is best be described as a plummy mauve. By definition the orchid is a flower of magnificence that brings a universal message of love, beauty, wisdom, thoughtfulness, luxury and strength. In China it signifies refinement and innocence .  Radiant; as if radiating light.
How pretty is this ! just a pop of that color  transforms this space.

 I would be remiss if I did not mention the fantastic job my girl Rhonda of Rhonda Peterson and Assoc. did using this new color at the 2013 Christmas with Callanwolde Showhouse. What a great use of this color. Her motto is "make it amazing" and she certainly did just that!

 Isn't it just beautiful. you can read more about Rhonda at:                     
Here are more beautiful spaces using this color

How about on a ceiling? in a metallic? a gloss? with neutral walls, splashes of it in the room? a suede shade in radiant orchid?  How will you incorporate it in your space?

Remember to Live Life Beautifully!

What's going on ...Gold is back

Happy New Year! I'm hoping 2014 is off to a good start for everyone. I have had so much going on since before the holidays : I have had house guests since the week before Christmas up until last week. My son's on winter break from college so I've been enjoying him being home, while also working on an ongoing project.  Enough said about that . Has anyone noticed that gold is (has) made a comeback ! Not your grandma's gold but a newer, fresher, better gold. I have been noticing more and more in everything from lighting to mirrors to furniture. Spotted this baby at market:

How can you not be inspired by this space:
 More Inspiration...
Scored a few of these myself
I have actually ordered  this lamp for a client and let me just say it is absolutely gorge ! can't wait to reveal this space to you it's looking really good.

courtesy of Caracole

courtesy of Caracole

How will you use gold in your space? Be inspired ! and remember too live life beautifully!