Guest Room does double duty as closet

Wouldn't we all love to walk into a room and its actually a closet. That is all the rage right now (so I'm hearing anyway). But what if  you need that room for other purposes as well. Well... that was just the case here. In this E Design the client wanted to acquire more closet space. but needed the room to also serve as a guest room whenever they had company. So here's the Plan : use Ikea Pax closets along one wall. opposite that wall the lovely RH bed. Bookcases flanking the bed and add sconces on each side (Ikea), beautiful lighting, hardwood flooring, cute rug, mongolian lamb pillows, you  get the picture. Here's what I'm suggesting . Lets see where it ends up.
The room actually has only two useable walls. One the bed will be on. One is a wall of windows(So beautiful curtains a must) One the Pax system will be on.and one is the existing closet that is mirrored so why not use the overlay system on it.
The bed will be upholstered in a grey velvet.
 And the flat screen will be installed inside the Pax closet.
Can't wait to see the finished product.

Remember to live Life beautifully!

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